From February 2019, SECURIX will redistribute 2 million USD per month to its SRXIO tokens holders – 20% bonus for the ICO, 7 days left


I’ve already told you all the good things I think about SECURIX here and there (in French)

You will also find a lot of information on this thread (which I lead)

So, remember the fundamentals:

  • SECURIX is a Dubai-registered company that is setting up a mining farm in the Netherlands whose activities will start in early 2019
  • The team is experienced, identified, available for its community to answer any question, from the most financial to the most specific technical point.
  • With the help of 20,000 machines and a coherent business, the team plans to « mine » 24.5 Bitcoins/days
  • Unique proposal in the sector: SECURIX will pay 45% of its « production » to the holders of its SRXIO tokens (not on net profits, not on a percentage where the holders are served last… on the TOTALITY of the gross! No one else is proposing that)
  • These payments will be MONTHLY (not just once a year) starting next February, in 5 months.
  • I’m not going to make you a speech (I’ve already done that! :-D), but to speak very concretely, SECURIX plans to generate about 735 bitcoin/month, which is equivalent (at the current rate) to nearly 4 814 250  USD

Of this amount, 45% will be given to holders of SRXIO tokens, 2.16 million USD!

And the same thing will happen the following month, and the next one… without any imitation of time. If you own SRXIOs, you are eligible for a monthly payment, FOR LIFE is as simple as that!

The official website offers simulation tools. These allow different parameters to be determined in order to have profitability projections. The subject being rather daunting, I let you discover the thing yourself. Just keep in mind the following information:

SRXIO holders will receive passive income, even if the BTC drops to 5000 USD (or even 4000 USD thanks to dedicated security devices)

For another 7 days, it is possible to acquire SRXIO tokens with a 20% bonus

A purchase of 100 USD will allow you to get 120 SRXIO (ICO 1 SRXIO rates = 1 USD).

Simulation for a BTC price at 7500 USD

NUMBER OF SRXIO Passive income/month Passive income/year Passive income/month in xpf
120 (100 + bonus 20%) 9 USD 108 USD 11 200 XPF
600 (500 + bonus 20%) 45 USD 540 USD 56 000 XPF
1 200 (1 000 + bonus 20%) 90 USD 1080 USD 112 000 XPF
12 000 (10 000 + bonus 20%) 900 USD 10 800 USD 1 120 000 XPF

To enjoy the 20% bonus on your purchase, it’s this way!

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